Welcome to Scottish Freemasonry in Cape Town. Freemasonry is your first step in claiming your right to self improvement and personal growth.

You will travel a path of practical learning and self discovery while going through the Three Degrees of “The Craft” which are based on the building of a Superb Structure, King Solomon’s Temple and how the practical tools and science of that wonderful construction relate to the ultimate building, yourself.

We have various Lodges regularly meeting in George, Glencairn, Cape Town and Pinelands. When you join the oldest and most honourable fraternity in the World, you become a part of a Brotherhood that will invite you into their midst with open arms everywhere in the World.

Membership is open to all men over the age of twenty one years old, who admit to the belief in a supreme being and are of good standing.

For further reading please visit our Grand Lodge’s website Grand Lodge of Scotland