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The Path to Yourself

You will travel a path of practical learning and self discovery while going through the three degrees of “The Craft” which is based on the building of a Superb Structure, King Solomon’s Temple and how the practical tools and science of that wonderful construction relates to the ultimate building, yourself.

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Personal Growth

Through study and the guidance of the brotherhood, freemasons aim to improve themselves in order to better serve the Grand Architect of the Universe


Freemasons worldwide aim to uplift the societies around them and build a better world for everyone through volunteer work, donations, and charity events.


Individual liberty has been the core of freemasonry since its inception. 'Free' masons were master masons that were not bound to any ideology, court or location.


The brotherhood of Freemasons welcomes men from every walk of life. Freemasonry is about bringing people from diverse backgrounds to create unity among men.

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